Inno- OLs,GO!

This is a story written by Inno-OLs, who leave the office for marketing research.

On August 7th, with five most-concerned problems of terminal experiential marketing, our Inno-teams from Integrative Business Division are carrying out four day's marketing research to find out the answers。

The first point of Terminal experience marketing:Target Customers

The sale amount can speak! Any experience activity makes no sense unless it attracts customers and rise the sales.

So, now let’s follow our colleagues from Inno sale intergrated department to have a look and find out what our cosumers like and dislike and why they join or not join our activities.


The second key point of Terminal experience marketing:Access

Where else can our potential market exist?

From wholesale market, KTV, Pub, Gourment Street to communities, we seek every place and try to explore any possibility that may become our potential market.

The third key point of Terminal experience marketing:Promotors

Why some sales persons are so active and some may not? This has always been a focus in terminal experience sales. To find the answer, our OLs even act as sales persons to find the solution. During this process, they learnt to deal with problems and even innovate new equipments to better xperience.


The fourth key point of Terminal experience marketing: Competitive Products

Always learn from our competitors.

When comparing our products with others, we will summarize the strength and weakness of both sides and make effort to inspire more creative ideas.

The fifth key point of Terminal experience marketing: logistics

Where do our gifts and promotional products go?

Of course, they are delivered by logistics. The process of delivering ,labeling, registering makes trouble to the activities. Thus our OLs search on different paths of delivering to find out a shot-cut!


As Inno-people, we commit to offer the best services for our clients。


What we firmly believe is that we will not only offer hands to our clients, but also think for our clients and always be their best partner.


We stick to finding the solution for our clients from the consumers based on the problems and practices.


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